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[Welcome] New Members for January 7, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Christopher Hardwick
Imbil, Queensland. Australia

Graduated in Fine Arts in 2012 and currently enrolled in honours at
QCA. My current art practice as a Metalsmith and Jeweller involves
the creating of small objects and jewellery. Each work of art is
hand crafted with the intent of developing a dialogue within the
public sphere regarding masculinity and its impact on women and
children through the misuse of power resulting in domestic violence.
My research into masculinity, child abuse, discrimination, sexuality
and gender issues has led me to reflect on a deeper understanding of
my life experiences. These experiences involved reflections of
domestic violence and how these forces relate to my mother and
daughter allowing me to recontextualise these memories in small
objects and wearable jewelry.

Cindy Heineman
Highland Park, IL. USA

My day job is Massage therapy, but I have been a craftsperson in a
broad spectrum of media from textiles to glass and metal for any
years. I have been taking metalwork classes for several years in an
effort to combine metal and bobbin lace work.

David R Wigmore
Sidney, BC. Canada


Christopher Wentzell
Dominion Gem Exploration
Watertown, South Dakota. USA

Hi, my name is Chris. I’m a gemstone prospector, miner, and mineral
collector. I also do Lapidary and custom design stained glass work.
I am currently involved in the mining of a rose quartz mine in the
Black Hills of South Dakota, and other gem & mineral exploration
projects in the USA.

Jessie Arnone
Cohocton, NY. USA

I recently graduated from Alfred University. I have my BFA and I am
certified to teach art in NY. I make wire wrapped jewelry and found
object jewelry. I also have experience in casting metal and glass,
as well as blowing glass. I am looking for a job that will teach me
the techniques of small metal smithing or give me practice in metal
or glass. I aso collect on opportunities to sell, work,
or teach. I sell my work on line or at markets and I am looking to
teach anywhere.