[Welcome] New Members for January 7, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Julie Lawson
Orlando, FL. USA

I am a freelance silversmith/Jewelery artist focusing on mixed
metals. I work primarily in sterling, copper and brass and
incorporate my own lampworked beads into my jewelry designs. I sell
my work in a local artist’s co-op.

Rick Winslow
Downeast Trading Co.
Middlebury, Vermont. USA

I have been involved in the jewelry industry for 35 years beginning
as a maker and seller of puka shells, to beads, neckwear, and
supplies, various gem materials, and ultimately an importer and
wholesaler of chains. We supply jewelry stores, goldsmiths,
designers, and manufactures strictly on a wholeale level. I exhibit
at various gem, craft, and jewelry shows throughout the United
States; our mission is to provide outrageous chains at reasonable
prices. As a dealer in metal, I feel an especial affinity to the gem
and mineral world, which is related to, but quite different from the
mechanics of gold and silver manufacturing. As such, our best and
favorite show is Tucson, and that segment of the jewelry industry.

Chris Young
St. Louis, MO. USA

Looking to gain experience in metalsmithing by working as a
dedicated apprentice for an established metalsmith/goldsmith. Full
time or part time. Willing to relocate if necessary. If you need my
written recommendations, please let me know.

Why metalsmithing? In 2009, I took three classes at the Craft
Alliance here in St. Louis. Two of the classes were in metalsmithing
and one was in casting. After making my own jeweler’s bench and
collecting just enough tools to get started, I try my best to get in
as many hours as possible working on projects. When I’m not filing or
soldering something, I find myself pining over what I will work on
next when I get a chance. I have never found anything so engaging in
all my life. When I’m working, time seems to stop. The best way I can
describe my passion towards metalsmithing is that I am in love.

I’m looking for someone who may have a position for a dedicated
apprentice or worker in this field. If you are at all interested or
know of someone who is, please respond to this posting.

Jane Fallon
Fallston, Maryland. USA

I am ‘new’ to the art of jewelry. My hope is to become a skilled
hobbist. I have joined the Baltimore Gem Cutters Guild and am
impressed with the talent, and classes, that I have come to enjoy.
Jane Fallon

Ryan Sean Henderson
Springfield, MO. USA

Metal Student at Missouri State U.

Jakob Schmidt
Vancouver, BC. Canada

Hobbyist tinkering with silver and enamel. (Resubscribing with new
email address)

Lydia T Siegel
Kaukauna, WI. USA

im a newbie. have been goldsmithing for only 2 years

Jane Shaffer
Shaffer Studio
Mount Prospect, Illinois. USA

I make silver jewelry with pearls and I use both
traditional forging techniques and PMC.