[Welcome] New Members for January 6, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Ron Karlic
Orland Park, IL. USA

I am a multiple media artist who wants to start enameling on copper.
I am trying to research the subject and have NO experience in this
area. However, I was fortunate to meet an outstanding artist by the
name of Molly Fischel, from Chicago. She would travel, take photos of
interesting people or subjects, and then duplicate those photos in
8x10 enamel on copper masterpieces. There are a couple of other
artists who also did this well, Max Karp and Charles Parthesius. I
realize that most of you are involved in jewelry, but is there anyone
out there who is doing work similar to these 3 great artists? I would
like to hear from you if you are. Thanks, Ron

Alex Sollek
Seattle, WA. USA

I am a beginning jeweler, just starting my process of learning and
am looking to find inspiration, suggestions and stories of
experience from others.

Paulette Sloat
Hamilton, Canada

I am a fairly new at soldering - but have been doing wire work for
awhile. So basically, I am new at this.

Linda L Chandler
Indianapolis, IN. USA

I’ve made jewelry for many years mainly on my own by trail and error
and wanting to learn more.