[Welcome] New Members for January 6, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

John M Gitelman
Butternut Enterprises
Stow, MA. USA

Just here to learn

Jon Brook
Fredericksburg, VA. USA


New to jewelry making/silversmithing, not so new to creating
cabochons out of stone. My primary focus, and fascination, is opals.
Looking to learn the basics and beyond from knowing pretty much
nothing about creating things like bezels, pendants, rings, etc.

Em Armstrong
Tauranga, New Zealand

Im an artist who dabbles in jewellery and metalwork who has learnt
alot from this site (thank-you!). I dont have a professional setup
so Im always looking for experimental and do-it-yourself solutions!

Doug Miller
McMinnville, OR. USA

I am new to lapidary and silversmithing. I’ve read a lot but am just
starting to set up a workshop. Every tool and idea are new so it is
a steep learning curve! I am very interested in the processes others
have gone through when they began.

Susan Pinckney
Pinckney Studios
Centerbrook, CT. USA

I am currently an Interior Designer having received my degree
through a fine arts bachelors program. I discovered the art of
jewelry making many years ago. Since then I have taken a lot of
classes and discovered my passion for producing artistic forms from
sterling silver, copper, etc. I continue to pursue my obsession with
non-ferrous metals and dream that someday I may be able to make a
living doing what I love.

Brianna Walsworth
Toronto, Canada

I am a recent graduate of George Brown College, from the Jewellery
Methods Program. I am starting my own Jewellery business from home,
but also looking for a gem setter to apprentice.

Ann Goluboff
Cortland, NY. USA

I am a newbie and can use all the help that I can get!

Sally North
London, UK


I am a designer and maker based in London, UK, working mostly in
silver. Very passionate about metal work and crafts generally. I also
design and make leather and textile bags. My main influence is
Japanese arts and crafts, especially metalwork.

Amanda Katz
Allambie Heights, NSW. Australia

http:// www.yourjewellery.com

I’ve been doing beaded jewellery for 23 years and started my journey
down wire work in 2003. I started metal smithing 2007 and haven’t
looked back since.

I love trying new things but haven’t had a lot of time to make my
finishing techniques truly professional - instead I like a rough,
hand made look to my finishes.

I love every metal and nearly every stone!