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[Welcome] New Members for January 5, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Courtney S Crews
Overland Park, KS. USA,

I am currently trying to find my way into the world of jewelry and
metalsmithing. I just finished my first semester at The University
of Kansas in their beginner metalsmithing/jewelry class as part of
their Visual Arts Program.

Becoming a goldsmith is my dream and I’m open to any and all advice
available! I’m constantly thinking, looking, learning, watching all
that I can to gain as much about metals, jewelry,
acheiving my dream.

Any and all anyone could provide me would be greatly

Elizabeth F Hammett
Durham, North Carolina. USA

Just relocated to Durham, NC from Wilmington, NC. I’m in process of
relocating my studio up to Golden Belt Studios Building 3. Please
come to see us on Third Fridays, where open studios are held by the
Artist of Building 3, the gallery artists of Labour Love, the metal
and glass artist of Liberty Arts. We have food trucks, and often
music in the warmer months. I focus on jewelry with metal clay, and
enameling techniques.

Vane Warner
Mansfield, TX. USA

I’m a fairly new silversmith, having taken classes for a couple of
years. I have entered and won a couple of competitions. My original
interest was in jewelry making and I’m still interested in that but
I have moved more to the construction of larger items boxes and
sculpture pieces. I really want to learn all facets of handmade
jewelry and metal sculpture, including enameling, lapidary, watch
making, machining, casting, weaving, design and you name it.

Alena H Veteto
The Beadtanical Garden

I have been creating wearable items since I was a young girl. I
have a love of beads and bright colors and jewelery that makes me
smile. I’ve recently begun my journey into the metalsmithing world
and am in love with foldforming and enamelling.

Teresa Kahres
Brooklyn, NY. USA

I, Teresa Kahres studied jewelry design and enameling at Suny New
Paltz, The Cecelia Bauer Studio in New York City and in the city of
Siena in Italy. After settling in Brooklyn I founded my nature
inspired line t.kahres jewelry in 2006.

I find inspiration in traveling, the outdoors and in the city and
incorporate my life experiences into my line. My metal work such as
the stack rings show a more urban and edgier side while the delicate
quality of my enameled pieces radiate strength and substance,
allowing me to capture my deep love for the colors found in nature
within each piece. The torch method enables me to manipulate these
colors into fine lusters, and I often embellish my pieces with
cultured pearls and diamonds. While my pieces, often castings of
organic matter such as sea urchins, leaves, and shells, have a
delicate quality, they also possess strength and substance. t.kahres
jewelry combines exquisite craftsmanship with the eye of a natural
artist. Each piece has been meticulously crafted like a small
sculpture and truly stands alone.

Donna de Lisser
Colleyville, TX. USA

I have a jewelry business and I am also a student.

Gail Leslie Bollard
Phoenix, AZ. USA

I am jewelry making obsessed. I want to learn metalsmithing so I can
create my own findings. I get very frustrated with the poor quality
of findings in retail stores. I hope I can learn in the forums and
hopefully contribute as well. I am a mother of two, grandmother of
two and very happily married.

Christine M Arimare
Prince Rupert, Canada

I am still new at the craft of silversmithing . I live in the
pacific northwest where there is virtually no facility for me to
learn about this craft. I have travelled great distances to attend
weekend and weeklong workshops. I rely heavily on the Internet to
hone the skills I have developed so far. I am mainly bezel setting
with silver, but I have worked with other metals. Chainmaille is
another interest I have, making my own jump rings and weaving them
into bracelets. I am also interested in marrying stone with silver
and/or gold. I am not sure if this is the forum for me to expand my
craft, as I am sure there are some pretty gifted members. I only
hope to be able to Gleen some knowledge. Thank you Christine

Ian Wille
Wille Forge and Tool
St. Charles, Missouri. USA

I am a blacksmith, machininst, and amateur jewelry maker.

Hello Courtney,

Here’s a shout-out to another Kansan. KU has a fine metalsmithing
program. I do encourage you to seek some sort of summer internship
with a jewelry store - and don’t expect to be paid for the
experience. You will learn SOOoooo much more about how the jewelry
business operates and that is critical to someday being able to make
your living with your craft. Another benefit is the contacts you will
make with the store’s benchies, who could be very helpful in the

In addition, take a couple basic business courses that will make you
familiar with bookkeeping, business terminology, and tax
obligations. These could be taken from JoCo Community College.

Just being practical and passing on words of wisdom I received when
I started a small business!

Best of luck, Judy in Kansas