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[Welcome] New Members for January 5, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Martin Peters
Oxford, UK

beginner in silver

Kim Orzechowski
mingo mama
Linthicum, MD. USA

My name is Kim aka MingoMama & I live in Linthicum, Md. My name
MingoMama was born out of my love of pink flamingos. Yes, I have
reached one goal of living long enough to embarrass my children. A
few years ago I took a chainmaille class & found I loved creating
something that let my left & right brain work together. I work
strictly in silver & now sell some work to support my habit. I get
bored easily & have a tray of single earrings to show for it. I like
to see what other folks are doing new & creative, hence checking out
this site.

Elaine Felhandler
New York, NY. USA

I’m an architect specializing in custom residential work. I love
designing in all scales and in all materials. Making jewelry has
become an important facet in my life. There’s nothing I find more
satisfying than designing something and making it myself; and
there’s something to be said to seeing the fruition of a design in
less than a year’s time!

I’ve been taking classes in jewelry fabrication for the past year,
and am continuing with them this year. As with any pursuit in life,
you can never have enough education. I hope to someday have the
skills to complete the jewelry I envision. This site is a great
asset toward that continuing education!

Irene Sirois
Northwood, NH. USA

I have been in the Jewelry industry for 20 years. I am a bench
jeweler. I work with a cad program (matrix from Gemvision) and there
2-D program digital goldsmith. I enjoy the variety of my work IE;
repairs, custom design, stone setting, working on the laser and work
with the customer to make one of a kind piece.