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[Welcome] New Members for January 4, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

David Shelburg
Scottsdale, USA

Interested in all things Metal. Want to explore Chainmaille, wire
wrapping, wire crochet, and cold connection methods.

Jennifer Herrington
Alexandria, VA. USA

New to jewelry making. Particularly interested at the moment in wire
and metalsmith work.

Maxine Howard
Ramrod Key, Florida. USA

Hello, I am a retired semi-conductor tech. Now living in Florida. I
have a wonderful husband, we have been married for over 40 years.
Two grown children, and two adorable granddaughters.

I quit smoking Dec 13, and feel in need to do something, to help
when I get nervous, and want another cigarette. I have always
admired, and wanted to learn to make my own jewelry.

So after reading a few forums, I ordered a wire kit, to help me get
started. and a Also being interested in the Metal Clay, I had read
about on the forums, I got this book Metal Clay In A Day by Tammy

Looking forward to learning to make my own jewelry. Being very
allergic to certain metals, I will have to use materials that will
not break me out.

I will have to stick with sterling and Anodized Niobium.

This forum design is different then any I had used in the past. Not
exactly sure how that will work out. Looking forward to meeting