[Welcome] New Members for January 29, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Bruce Pringle
Hammer and Hand Jewellery and Metal Collective
Byron Bay, NSW. Australia


I am a Traditional decorative Blacksmith, Silversmith, Jewellery
Designer/Maker, foundryman,Sculptor and Blade smith.

I am currently working with Stainless Steel (316) producing a line of
Utensils such as Salad servers, Ladels, Olive Forks, Cake Slices,
Tea-Caddy Spoons, Pate Knives Etc. As well as a range of Stainless
Steel Jewellery, Belt Buckles, Arm Bands and Kilt pins.

I also make a Range of “Garden Angel” Sculptures, Fire Drums and
other sculptural works.

I Started and manage the Hammer & Hand Jewellery Collective (see
Facebook) Based in Hobart Tasmania and now also in Byron Bay NSW,
Australia, About 15 years ago.We currently have a membership of 18.

Heather M. Buysse
Montclair, VA. USA

I’m a jewelry maker wanna be. I just got interested in gemstones and
their healing properties. I need to learn about metal working.

Heather Buysse
Montclair, USA

I’m a wanna be jewelry designer. I just got involved in healing
powers of gems. I haven’t sold any jewelry as of yet and haven’t
made but a couple bracelets.

Dianne Marie Russo
Belleflower Design
Reading, MA. USA

I have been creating strung jewelry for several years and am
endeavoring to become a metal work jeweler. I have taken several
classes (at a wonderful school in Waltham MA - Metalwerx) but need
lots of practice! Lots of color is really big for me, hence the love
for strung gems. How heavenly to be able to add some shiny silver and
copper and gold to that! I have beginner questions so bear with me!

Ginger N Seiple
Wild Indigo
Hilliard, Ohio. USA

In a nutshell, I discovered an intense passion for metals in the
mid-1980’s then spent 15 years teaching myself from books. I then
discovered the benefit of learning from the masters, and grew
exponentially over the next 15 years, leaving one profession for
another (medical to metals). Today I continue to learn from masters;
I also teach. This will be my 5th summer teaching at Miami University
(Oxford, Ohio) in their Craftsummer Program. My work is contemporary;
I love process and presently am working on lightweight abstract
hollow forms, using both precious and base metals.

Mimi Rudolf
Chicago, IL. USA

Hello I am a jewelry designer, I have been doing it for almost 2
years. I LOVE jewelry, I love that it can completely transform an
outfit it to somehting fabulous. When I am making my jewelry I feel
confident. However, I have so much to learn on the business side of
things. I am looking to learn how to “mass produce” my designs. I am
trying to land an account and I have to be production capable. I
also am looking ot learn about different suppliers, how to buy
properly so I am not spending more than I should. How do I decide
how much I need? Looking for more reputable suppliers. Etc… I have
a read a few blogs and I am looking forward to learning from
everyone. Thank you. Mimi

Jody Craven
Nauset Regional High School
N. Eastham, MA. USA

I have been teaching high school jewelry and metals for 13 years. I
consider myself to have the best job in the world and never stop
wanting to learn and teach new and exciting techniques.

Liz Williams
Dora, Alabama. USA

I am really an amature that loves to work with copper, glass and
clay. Someday, when I retire I hope to invest more time, for now I
enjoy learning from others.

Steven Rogers Graves
Blue Buddha Studios
Cincinnati, Ohio. USA

35 years experience in jewelry design, construction and repair. I
have always been a teacher in one sense or another. I love to teach.
Stretching the materials to the very edge of possibilities is where I
find my thrills. I travel across the US to teach and do
demonstrations, call me.