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[Welcome] New Members for January 27, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Michelle Poplar
Toronto, Ontario. Canada

I am a student goldsmith living in Toronto, Canada.

Shalanda Rene Axle
Cincinnati, OH. USA

I have been crafting almost my whole life, but a few years ago I
discovered jewelry making.I am always looking for inspiration to
create my own unique pieces of jewelry. I also like to crochet and
sew and paper craft and look for ways to incorporate these
activities in my jewelry making. I love to create something special
for my family and friends and know that their pieces are as unique
as they are.

Marleen van den Berg
Zeist, Utrecht. Netherlands

I have been a (low profile) member before, when I made jewelry. I
started to work bigger and stopped with the forum because I used so
much time reading about techniques I don’t use. But I miss all the
different shared with love. Now I work bigger copper
panels, with enamel, and I also make photocombinations with
Photoshop. There will be on the forum that I can use;
and maybe I can help out others with the experience I got. I am very
happy with my decision to join the forum again, so nice to see you
again :wink:

Marcelle Jeanne Baker
Durbanville, South Africa

I met Frances D’aintree an artist jeweller in 1986 in Johanesburg,
South Africa. She offered to teach me silversmithing and once I had
completed the course I continued to work in her studio. The studio
was part of a Artist Studio Route and we had many successful
Sunday’s when the jewellers affiliated with the studio exhibited and
sold there work. When I moved to Cape Town in 1992 I set up a studio
at home. As a metal I work mainly in silver with occational gold
embelishment. I have also dabbled in silver functional art and have
made many silver sugar spoons and serviette rings. More recently I
have started doing bead work using mainly semi-precious or hand made
glass beads. I have recently retired from my day job as a Human
Resource Practitioner and I am now dedicating most of my time to my
jewellery making.

Jack none Salisbury
Fort Collins, CO. USA

My wife and I are new at this hobby but are interested in making
earrings that depict trains. We are looking for sterling silver
steam locomotive castings and a good locomotive stamp, both a size
for earrings.

I am also interested in making bolo ties and ranger style belt