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[Welcome] New Members for January 26, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Dave l Colvin
M&D Hubbell Jewelry
Des Peres, Mo. USA

i have been a jeweler for 30 years and still love it.

Shelley E Lewis
Metalz and stonez
Georgetown, TX. USA

I’ve been silversmithing for about 11 years. I taught and mentored
by a very good friend Rita Marie Ross and am somewhat self taught. I
read every publication I can get my hands on! I enjoy silversmithing
and metal arts because I can lose myself in the work and come out on
the other side a different person!

Christopher Little
Rochester, NY. USA

I’ve been working for the past 21 years as a bench jeweler. I work
with all precious metals and have extensive experience in all types
of stone setting, design, and repair with a focus on restoration of
antique jewelry. My love is, of course, working with my own jewelry
designs. My style is informed by nature and I am drawn to the
movement of water and light.

Currently working for a small “mom & pop”-type shop, been with them
for over 15 rather unsatisfying and mostly unhappy years. At 52
years old I am ready to make the change to being self-employed. A
scary decision to be sure in the current economic climate and
considering my age but probably what I need to save my life.
Actually, it’s something I’ve ached to do for years.

I’m looking for like-minded individuals interested in discussing the
nature of the industry today and ideas for the independent