[Welcome] New Members for January 25, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Taiko Mai Roskothen
Alameda, CA, USA

I love classical looking jewelry as well as jewelry with kinetic
feature. I’m always looking for the new technique I can learn.

Carolyn Amato
Atlanta, USA

Hello. I have enjoyed watching msny of the videos from your website
and I look forward to improving my jewelry making skills with tips
from fellow craftsmen.

Laurent Neuenschwander
North Shore City, New Zealand

i enjoy to push the metals beyond their normal boundaries. it
sometimes results in disaster but often it opens doors to the unusual
unusual surfaces, unusual textures, always unusual and mostly
visually pleasing these happy accidents usually result in naturally
occuring curves and patterns i have chosen to pursue this line of
design because it offers tremendous rewards and i can finally put my
metallurgical knowledge to an artistic use

Scott Luther
Oxford, PA. USA

I’m an OLD OLD jewelry making student. Retirement allows us to
pursue our pleasures! Sweet!

Sam J Kritsotakis
Eskae Jeweller
Chatswood, NSW. Australia


Sam has 15 years experience in the jewellery industry, he is the
winner of a GOLD medal and various other design awards within the
industry in Australia. As the owner of Eskae Jeweller, I am
passionate about ensuring you have the absolute best in terms of
quality of design, diamonds and gemstones a nd of coarse
craftsmanship and a level of service that will leave you feeling
like a king or a queen every single time, in any piece of jewellery
we craft for you.

Victoria Grayland
Palace of Industry
Seattle, WA. USA

I make jewelry in Seattle, sell my work at various galleries. I have
studied metalsmithing at Pratt Fine Art Center in Seattle since

Valma Spencer-Sun
Anna Bay, NSW. Australia


I have been interested in wirework for many years, and in the late
1980’s I became interested in Chain Maille weaving, gradually
discovered different weaves and experimented with their use in

Naturally, at that time I had to make my own rings as none were
available, this was a great advantage as my weaving and designing
was not limited by availability.

I now teach at jewellery shows and write projects for jewellery
magazines, produce kits to teach Chain Maille Jewellery, make & sell
the rings needed in sterling silver, 14/20 GF & copper. Cheers, Val

Mark Hendershot
White Lake, USA

I have worked with my hands all my life from my profession as a
perennial grower to my hobbies (woodworking, gardening, metalwork,
photography, and just getting my hand on and trying almost
anything). At Christmas of 2008 I decided to make some earrings for
presents and became involved in chainmaille. I enjoy this medium and
plan on continued work on it.

Joy Kruse
Timeless Essentials
Casco, WI. USA


gold & silversmith
traditional repair

Ellen Crosby
Boise, ID. USA

Art metals student at Boise State University

Kenneth Moore
Ken Worx
Chief Cook and Bottle Washer
Fort Collins, CO. USA

I am a retired businessman from the Automotive Repair Industry.
Making Jewelry and Lapidary fill my day to day Zen time, going
fishing is my favorite fun time and taking naps are a must.

Yvonne Davis
San Diego, CA. USA

I’m currently taking a variety of jewelry making classes in the San
Diego, CA area. Right now I’m all about learning as much as I can.