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[Welcome] New Members for January 24, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

John Scully
Holden, MA. USA

Been a jeweler since 1977 while I was in college for business. Thru
GIA studied Jewelry Retail, Gem Ident and Diamond Grading. Did
everything from basic repairs, wax carving, casting and stone
setting to selling loose diamonds. So I guess everything from A to
Z. It has been and still is a passion for me to design from start to
finish pieces that I draw up and/ or ideas a client has in their
mind. It can be very challenging and very rewarding. I am finally
considering getting into the CAD era. I have been hesitant due to
hand made pieces should look handmade and not computer made. But I
do see many benefits of the CAD designs. Looking for advise and ideas
to get started. I do see the high cost associated with it and any
ideas on this too, ie. Used software or Jewelers that don’t use it
now and want to sell the software. I am open for suggestions.

Kim Dickinson
Scituate, MA. USA

I am a beginner interested in enameling and simple metalwork. I came
to this forum to explore safety concerns in a home studio.