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[Welcome] New Members for January 24, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Liz Blanchflower
Stone and Sterling
Leominster, Ma. USA

I am a full time Spanish teacher but have been dabbling in
metalsmithing for 7 years. now. I’ve taken a few classes but am
mostly self-taught. I long for the day when I can leave teaching and
pursue making jewelry as my heart desires. I have a modest online
business - what time and my limited skills allow - and I crave more
experience on setting stones, soldering, and design tips. I’ve
viewed many videos, read many books, and articles provided by
Ganoksin and other sources, but there are always things that aren’t
covered and things that only experience teaches. I’m appreciative
that ther e are so many networking sites for jewelers out there.

Nino Rostomashvili
Tbilisi, Georgia

HI :slight_smile:

My name is Nino, live in the Republic of Georgia. My profession is
Biophysics, but as it’s totaly hard to find suitable job in Georiga,
I learned other skills and worked at many places, at the moment work
with global freight forwarding company branch office in Tbilisi. I
learned cloisonne enamel in professional art stuido several years
ago. At the moment, as salaries are low here, also I have a daughter
and I’m unwed mother, began to make enamel jewelry for selling.
Georgia is a small country and people mostly are unable to purchase
jewelry. So that, my works are hardly being sold. Could you please
advise if you’re interested in such products, or, if not, could you
please inform me where can I send my works for selling? They are
awailable at the web site

Many thanks in advance for your kind attention

Mary Byrley
Columbus, Ohio. USA

My husband and I are relatively new to jewelry-making (about 7
years) and are interested in turning a hobby into a small business