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[Welcome] New Members for January 23, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Les E Riddell
Objects Of Art Ltd
Cromwell, Central Otago. New Zealand

I am a Gold Smith from Baffin Island Canada. I moved to New Zealand
in 2000. I have formally instructed Jewellery and Metal Arts classes
throughout my career. I have a small shop in the historic precinct
of Old Cromwell Town where i custom design and craft jewellery and
objects of art for the general public. I am always looking for new
and interesting ways to deal with challenges and produce my craft.
When working for customers i am not an artist i am a tailor and an
engineer. I save my self indulgent art side for myself and my family
because they are the only ones that lie to me and tell me they like
my style and taste. I follow fashion trends in my work and pride
myself in making things that are well finished and comfortable to
were. my goal is to make you that favorite thing that you never want
to take off unless it is to have me make you something else.

Samantha A Dick
West Brookfield, MA. USA

I am a 32 year old woman, who is interested in becoming a Bench
Jeweler. I have been working with metals since I was 12 years old. I
love everything about it.

I am still learning techniques and methods. and always open to
critiquing and instructoin.

Jane M Priscilla
Adddison, USA

I am an at-home jeweler. My father taught me everything I know. I
grew up in Ausstin, TX and now live in Addison. My favorite material
is red gold!

Dee Tidd
Warren, ME. USA

I enjoy learning new jewelry making techniques and especially enjoy
working with metal and reclaimed bits and pieces as well as using
elements found in nature.

Julie Boudreaux
Diamondhead, USA

I recently retired and began making jewelry as a hobby. I primarily
work with glass - lampwork beads and fused glass. I also work with
silver when putting pieces together. I have worked with PMC in the
past and plan to work with it more in the future.

Kathrn A Romberg
Colorado Springs, CO. USA

Though I have worked with metals off and on for years I am about to
embark on teaching metals in high school. I am setting up a studio
from scratch for the school I am working at.