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[Welcome] New Members for January 22, 2013

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Mark Andrew Scown
Byron Bay Fine Jewellery
Suffolk Park, NSW. Australia

Established in 1995 as a jeweller I came through a background of
sculpture and M. O.P carving before approaching precious metals and
gems. I provide a home-based one-to-one service designing and
producing mostly rings, but also pendants and earrings to individual
clients. My website does not operate a sale cart but acts as a
portfolio of past work. Customers contact me through the website and
dialogue continues via email, telephone or in person until the
commission is finished.

Lisa Parker
On The Rocks Designs
Pittsburgh, PA. USA

I am a jewelry designer in Pittsburgh, PA. Most of the jewelry I
create, I have made through Lost Wax Casting in sterling silver. I
also enjoy enameling and some fabrication.

Brienna Hall
Brienna Hall Jewelry & Millinery
Mendocino, CA. USA

I am a jeweler based out of Mendocino, California. Throughout my
career as a milliner I have had a passion for jewelry in the past
few years I have began to combine my two loves of jewelry and
millinery. I work with precious metals using textile techniques such
as knitting, crochet and weaving. I also adore anticlastic raising
and am beginning to incorporate this into my work as well. I
received a BFA from Kansas City Art Institute in sculpture with a
minor in fiber arts. I am intensely drawn to Egyptian jewelry and
also have a fascination with Art Nouveau!

James Edward Williams
Intricacy Design
London, Ontario. Canada, N5Z-1M6

Independent Owner/Jewellery Designer of Intricacy Design A newly
registered company in London, Ontario Canada.

I am a recent graduate of Ashworth College, Georgia U. S.A Jewellery
Design and Repair program.

I continue now with my resent enrollment in another Jewellery Design
program with the International Career Institute in Sydney Australia.

I have numerious hand drawn designs in excess of one thousnd.

Intended for rings/earrings/bracelets/bangels/pendents, ect
Networking/out source with companies in the Toronto area to 3D/CAD my
creations. Objective is to establish a product line.

Shalee Karney
Elizabeth, USA

This girl is ROCKING repairs for a BIG jewelry company but I am here
for some honest help on technique and overall perfection of the

(I’ve been making jewelry for myself all of my life but this is a
whole new ballgame)!!!

Sophie Teppema
Gild Atelier
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland. Netherlands

I’m a jewelry designer and goldsmith with a shop in the centre of
Amsterdam (Gild Atelier). I aim for my work to be fine, delicate and
understated. I go through fazes when it comes to inspiration making
my work almost like i dairy of what my eye is getting drawn to at
that time in my life.

Mike Oshannessy
Woodcroft, South Australia

I am passionate about jewelry (jewellery) and currently operate
seven eCommerce jewelry websites

Surabhi Garg
Jaipur, Rajasthan. India

I have a great interest in doing some creativity and drawing. I play
badminton and love to watch jewelries online from various sites.

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