[Welcome] New Members for January 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Andrea Palochak
Cheyenne, USA

Hm… what does one say in one of these? Currently, I work as a
technical editor for a biometrics company. Prior to that, I worked as
a journeyman cake decorator after graduating and being unable to find
a job in my field. I occassionally take digital pictures for artists
and jewelers for various purposes, typically for either photos of
their work for publications, or as source photos for jewelry etching
or other media.

Barbara Kay Klar
Clear Metals, Inc.
Accord, NY. USA

When I created my first piece of jewelry 23 years ago, I had no idea
of the journey that lay before me. The entire process of making
jewelry intrigued me: from the challenge of developing a vocabulary
of skills to my participation in the entire history and tradition of

I love the fact that jewelry is such an intimate art form. Not only
physically, but emotionally. What one feels about a piece of jewelry
gives it importance and meaning. That emotional attachment to the
jewelry takes on an entirely new element in the creative process
when a client wears it. The jewelry becomes theirs and their own
personal symbolism now becomes part of the piece.

My work is symbolic and personal as I incorporate a wide range of
design influences from Celtic, Egyptian, & American Indian to
contemporary street graffiti. After 20 years, I closed my store in
NYC and relocated to Ulster County, NY in June of 2001. Here I find
the peace and inspiration in nature to create my new work.

Brandi Lippincott
Medford, NJ. USA


Just getting started…

Jochen Schepp
Wholesale Silver Jewellery Jochen Schepp
Hamburg, Germany


Hello! I just found this site and I am very impressed. I have been in
the industry for 15 years, we are wholesaling silver jewellery and
are based in Hamburg, Germany. We have clients all over the world. I
just came back from exhibiting from the Iberjoya Jewellery fair in
Madrid, Spain. This years edition was very difficult, crisis is
hitting in Europe as well.

I am also writing one of the few blogs on jewelry in Europe:
schmuckgrosshandel.de - Der Schmuck-Blog - Silberschmuck Großhandel Jochen Schepp - Der Schmuck-Blog (including a post on why every
English-speaker laughes at our company name “Silberschmuck”).

Jochen Schepp

Jeffrey Hayward
Staten Island, NY. USA

I am interested in learning more about granulation.

Linda Stranger
Centerville, MA. USA


I’m a jewelry crafter… I enjoy learning everything about the art
of jewelry and gemstone crafting. :slight_smile: I’m distracted by shinythings,
and I like cheese. :slight_smile:

Manickam Nagarajan
Vaibhav Ltd.,
Jaipur, Rajasthan. India

I am working in the Jewellery for the past 9 years.

Heather L Kita
Omaha, NE. USA

Jewelry artist

Charles Long
Charles Lyndon Design
Monticello, ME. USA

Greetings, I’ve been doing goldsmithing off and on for the past 12
years, I started in 1997 working as a repair jeweler trained by GIA
but quickly found out that wasn’t going to be a lasting occupation.
Since 2003, I’ve been concentrating creating mainly sterling silver
jewelry and am not expanding into mixed metals. I’m looking forward
to perusing the knowledge of resource and fine people using the site
and hope to be able to pass some of my limited knowledge as well.

Kursten Diane Riede
Oceanside, CA. USA

I have worked in fine jewelry for two years. I am in the Graduate
Jeweler Program at GIA Carlsbad. The graduation date is set for
February 20, 2009. I’m 24, 5’3, and I have an American Cocker
Spaniel named Lily.