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[Welcome] New Members for January 20, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Alexa Marsh
Paradise, USA

enamelist cloisonne, dry sifting, scrafito cloisonne, copper since

Morgan Norwood
Inspired Design
North, VA. USA

I am a stone sculptor and teacher. I have recently begun
incorporating silver into my stone work and learning various jewelry
making skills. I worked and taught at the Cape Cod School of Stone
Carving for 22 years and have recently opened a new school in

Gary Martin
Bad Frog’s 2 Dezine Art
Reno, NV. USA

New to the world of creating jewelry.

Aris Kallinikos
Charisma Co.
Nikea, Greece

It’s difficult for me to differentiate my self from my work as a
silversmith and my influence from my country. All of our company
designs have been based on ancient Greek techniques of jewellery
decoration like twisted wires and filigree we also implement
vitreous enamelling to give a colorful impression to our pieces and
successfully colour areas that would either to difficult or
expensive using precious stones. My family business has a long
in manufacturing this type of silver pieces and now we continue to
promote a different aspect of jewellery design and a part of our art
and history.

Karthick Kumar
Bangalore, India

Hi I am a Jewellery cad Designer. I am Using a Rhino designer.

Kirsten Reynolds
Studio K Jewelry Design
Concord, NC. USA

I have 20 years experience on the bench in my families jewelry store.
But, I long to make my own designs. I’m passionate about learning the
processes of enameling and granulation. My inspirations are my 5 year
old son and 3 year old daughter, which take up most of my time.