[Welcome] New Members for January 2, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

David Robinson
Augusta, GA. USA

Amature jewelry maker, learning metal skills with base metals only,
can’t afford silver or gold.

Jennifer McNew
Zionsville, IN. USA

Excited to join the fun!

Darla Van Horne
Sechelt, British Columbia. Canada

Hi. I live a wonderful seaside community on B.C’s Sunshine Coast, a
40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. With so much inspitation
surrounding us it is a hotbed of various artisans. My passion is
creating one of a kind pieces of jewelry using assorted
metal,wire,ceramic beads (my own creations!) rivets, faux bone,
found objects etc. I’m also learning about photograhy, marketing,
websites, social media, which is sometimes a real challenge for my
aging brain… who knew making jewelry could involve so much!
Looking forward to learning even more joining Orchid. Regards, Darla

Alice DeGraff
Courtland, VA. USA

I am a glass fuser, wire wrapper, and a newbie at metal smithing. I
have taken a couple of classes but have to drive almost 65 miles one
way. The classes I was taking became more social then hands on time.
I hope with what little knowledge I have I can learn from others on
this site. I am about to re-organize my wonderful studio my late
husband built for me. Maybe I can find some great suggestion here to
down size and get some of the spoons out of the pot… lols to much
going in one place.

Kim McCann Henry
Lake Stevens, Washington. USA

Hi, I am a beginning jewelry craft-person and silversmithing with 3
years at it. My husband Jim, and mother-in-law, Lynne are my
teachers/mentors. I’m interested in jewelry design and learning about
the different metals one can use to make jewelry with. Wire wrapping
is something I would like to learn more about, I’ve seen some
beautiful examples of it using faceted gemstones as well as rough or
tumbled gems & crystals. My very first project was a Celtic inspired
cuff bracelet made with fine silver and a 40x30mm Sodalite Cabochon,
with 4 Moonstone accents. I wear it daily, and love hearing “You
made that? That’s so cool”