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[Welcome] New Members for January 18, 2016

Please welcome our newest members…

Jeanne Abriel Abriel
Spring Valley, CA. USA

I’m an enamelist living in San Diego who specializes in cloisonne
enamel jewelry.

Gianna c Rodriguez
Crestline, CA. USA

I am a retired Social Worker but have been a somewhat talented and
stiffeled artist in my adult years. I chose to become a social worker
because I did not believe I could make a living for my family as an
artist. Making art in many forms always takes me to another
passionate yet serene part of another world within. I have been
working with metals, primarily silver jewelry while incorporating my
own stones, for the past five years but lately yearn to return to
painting. I go back and forth as to confidence to continue but I
realize this is a factor in many talented artist’s lives and so I
will continue so long as it makes me happy and whole. I am 73 years
smarter and I think I may have 20 more years on this wonderful planet
to create barring any unfortunate incidents

Christina Jotterand
Nyc, Ny. USA

Mataki is a New York based brand reviving the ancient world of
jewelry and artifacts. Inspired by nature, ethnic art and mythology
from around the world, most pieces are one-of-a-kind using materials
such as brass, bronze, silver, copper and gold adorned with beads,
precious gems, hand carved wood and bones

Rob G Falone
Dryden, NY. USA

I am a beginner. Still working on my saw technique and soldering.
Always trying to learn and put this new knowledge to use.

Danielle Parrella
London, UK

I’m a jewelry designer living and working in London.