[Welcome] New Members for January 18, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Diane Brazeau
Earth In Mind Designs
Ottawa, Canada


I’ve been making jewellery as a hobby for a couple of years, but
recently graduated frem Revere Academy (JTI) and am starting to make
jewellery full-time. I’m currently struggling to set up a complete
workshop though… :slight_smile: Diane

Patricia Vaupel De Franco
De Franco Designs
El Paso, Texas. USA

I have a small studio in El Paso, Texas. My friend Susan and I create
pieces that reflect a good “marriage” of our work. Susan is an
exceptional beader and I design and make silver or gold
embellishments such as clasps, pendants, and other findings. I have
no formal education in the jewelry business except a love for it.
After Sept. 11, I lost my job (Duty Free Business) and decided to do
what I love to do and hope I could make some money. So far so good.

Ivi Daborn
Wolfville, Nova Scotia. Canada

I have been making sterling silver jewelry for over 30 years. I like
to use local stones, such as agates and amethysts, whenever possible.
I collect stones from local beaches and ocean shores, then cut and
polish them. Once the stones have been shaped and polished into
cabochons, I design my jewelry around the stones. I fabricate one-
of- a- kind rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, pins, and
cufflinks. I also make pieces for customers who bring me their own
gems and design ideas. I buy a variety of stones from around the
world. I love to travel and whenever I do, I tend to look for local
stones for my jewelry. So far, Australian opals are still one of my
favorite stones.

Robin Eastman
Takoma Park, MD. USA

I’m just getting back into metal work after not doing anything with
it since college. What motivated me to start now was a desire to
make our wedding rings, but there is a lot more I want to do!

Trace Carpenter
Cedar Hill, TX. USA

Graduate Gemologist/Custom Jeweler.

Arden Sheryl McInnes
Erickson, Canada

I enjoy making fused glass pendants. Interested in sharing ideas and
learning new techniques.

Jan Mohini Ferguson
Venice, CA. USA

I am taking classes in smithing and lampwork. I work with seed
beads, crystals, and semi-precious gems. I have been making jewelry
for four years trying to discover my niche.

Norine Fisher
Modesto, CA. USA

Hello, I’ll probably just “lurk” for awhile. I have little formal
training so probably will end up with more questions than
contributions. Thanks for providing such interesting articles.