[Welcome] New Members for January 17 , 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Lauren Clemens
Vashon, USA

New jewelery student just absorbing as much as possible
at the moment.

Liz Huff
Springfield, Missouri. USA

I am a bit new to jewelry design and creation. Although fascinated
by it since I was a child, I have been doing it for about five
months. I am quite proud of the pieces I have completed. Sometimes I
will look at something and say to myself, “Wow, I actually made
that…and it looks pretty good!”.

As of now, I do simple work with sterling and copper, bezel setting
calibrated and free form cabochon stones. I have made quite a few
rings and pendants, a few key chains, and am now venturing in to
making my first sterling bracelet. I enjoy wire wrapping as well, but
tend to favor silversmith projects. I am here to gain knowledge,
perspective, and ideas that can help me grow as a jewelry designer
and artist. I would like to learn more about texture and mixing
metals along with many other concepts. I want to be able to look back
on my work in the years to come and see the progress I have made. I
am hoping the Ganoksin / Orchid Digest can provide some information
that will aid in that progress.