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[Welcome] New Members for January 16, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Lauren Gindes
Raleigh, NC. USA

entrepreneurial jewelry designer

Anita Curtis
Eastwood, Essex. UK

Hi, I live and work aboard a boat in the UK. I have only selling my
jewellery for a year on the web and I have already found Ganoskin to
be a massive help and source of advice! Many thanks

T.C. Chin
Perrineville, NJ. USA

i’m just some one who makes stuff.

Robert Seitz
Los Angeles, CA. USA

I am a self-taught novice particularly drawn to wax carving and
casting, currently working in silver. I also work in a fine arts
bronze atelier, as the wax worker. I have already made great use of
Ganoksin’s resources and forum archives.

Eric W Keller
Grand Prairie, TX. USA

Learning the lost wax casting process