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[Welcome] New Members for January 14, 2016

Please welcome our newest members…

Nicola Haywood Haywood
Charlotte, North Carolina. USA


Pierre Alexandre Pizem
Montreal, Select. Canada

Hi everyone!

I am a 52 years old Canadian who always had a keen interest in both
gemmology and jewelry making. I have collected books (and did read
them) on jewelry techniques as well as Gemmology. I subscribed to
the GIA distant education program in gemmology in Carlsbad. I took a
once a week night course at the Montreal jewelry School for two
years. I obtained some basic knowledge (on how to use a saw, a file,
solder and wax, Carving). I also had the opportunity to make two
rings, two pendants as well as some earrings. I just bought myself a
bench (kind of), I have some basic instrumentation and a stro ng will
to learn more on how to make more professional looking jewelry. :slight_smile:

Debrosha McCants
Allentown, Pennsylvania. USA

Currently I am a full time metalsmithing student.