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[Welcome] New Members for January 13, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Vanessa Mitchell
Bonita, USA

I am a diamond setter and jewelry designer in San Diego, CA.

Joseph Carey Dowden
Provencal, LA. USA

My name is Carey Dowden, from Louisiana. I have been doing Jewelry
Design for about 15 years, I mainly work with silver doing
southwestern style jewelry.

Melissa Punzalan
Niantic, USA

Hello. I was a studio art major in college concentrating in
sculpture. I’ve always enjoyed making beaded jewelry but just
recently discovered the joys of metalsmithing. I’m in the process of
learning as much as I can through classes and reading. I look
forward to learning even more through this site!

John G Britt Jr.
Franklin, VA. USA

A craftsman looking for ways to improve.

Miriam Balsiger
Lenzerheide, Switzerland

I have always found jewellery making interesting and my first
contact was a simple course in Switzerland. However having moved to
the ME I had the opportunity to rekindle this subject and began
learning with a young jeweller. Since then I have set up my bench at
home in order to practise continuously. I work exclusively with
silver and have tried my hand at stone setting. As is obvious I have
am a beginner at jewellery making and with the disadvantage of
starting at a very late age. I am totally fascinated with the
spectrum and feel sure that I will profit tremendously by joining
this network.

Sharman Lee Martin
Victoria, BC. Canada

After being a crafter forever (mostly in fibre arts) I started making
jewelry as a hobby about four years ago. I have recently retired from
health care which has given me much more time to play. I have been
taking siversmithing courses for the last year to add to my jewelry
making skills. I want to know everything (or almost everything!) I am
obsessed. So far I have made jewelry for myself or as gifts but I
would like to start to sell my stuff. I have little idea how to do
that successfully and I want to explore my options. I love all
colourful and shiny little bits of this and that. Design ideas pop
into my head unsolicited. I have to do this!