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[Welcome] New Members for January 13, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Chirag Patel
St Marys, NSW. Australia

Zever brings you a wide variety of the most unique and spectacular
gemstones from India and other leading gem-cutting centres around
the world. We have wide range of well-priced stunningly natural
beautiful gems including Rubies, Sapphire, and Emerald, Tanzanite,
Tourmalines, Spinels and many other gemstones in Beads, Briolette
and Nuggets for Australian Designer Jewellers.

Kcrystina Stephen
Crapaud, Canada

Though I have jewelry making in my blood - great-grandfather owned a
store in Montreal (Griffiths & Son’s Jewelry) - I have only recently
turned my creativity towards jewelry. I love the freedom of
expression that jewelry making allows me and the benefits I receive
from sitting down to make a piece - relaxing and a time to meditate.
I work with a variety of mixed media, though my passion is knotwork.
My inspiration comes from everything around me. I tend to work “on
the go” without any sense of direction except my intuition guiding

Sandy M Jones
PearlWorks by Sandy Jones
Atlanta, GA. USA

Sole proprietor, jewelry designer. Custom necklace and earring
design using precious stones and a multitude of pearls. Married,
mother of three grown children. In the business for 25 years. I do
high karat designs, and a lower end line of sterling for small mom
and pops and gift shops.

Larry D Morrill
Scott City, MO. USA


Maria Baca
Rio Grande
Rio Rancho, New Mexico. USA

I have been making jewelry for about 6 years now. Within the past
year I have begun to have a more serious desire to learn as much as
possible about the various jewelry making techniques that are out

George l Ingraham
Newport, Washington. USA

I have a lapidary shop that I cut my own semiprecious type gemstone
cabochons from a variety of minerals.

Just recently I have started to learn how to silver solder bezel
type settings so that I might be able to begin creating jewelry like
so many of the designers who purchase stones from me.

Pretty active online. I have a blog, gemstone store, Squidoo lenses,
a a lapidary / gemstone community forum where I share and learn from
many others who share my same interests. some social networking
which I am not very good at. I also participate on a few online
business related and site develop ment forums that help me build my
own sites and online presence.

Lots more to tell, but maybe this covers interests as related to
being a member of Ganoksin.