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[Welcome] New Members for January 12, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Claudia C Gill
Claudia Gill Designs
Corona, NY. USA

I am a Jewelry Designer looking to learn more about Computer Aided

Genevieve E Flynn
Genevieve Flynn Studio
Kansas City, Missouri. USA

I am a small business owner that not only executes every possible
aspect of the business but teach classes, and try to find the time
to create my own work.

Ben Pearce
East Ryde, NSW. Australia

I’m a jeweller who works at a metal merchants mixing gold and silver

William Mack
Thomaston, ME. USA

I’ve recently retired to Maine and just starting to set up my studio
to do enameling, torch glass work, and whatever else I get
interested in and learn about along the way. Too various workshops
at Arrowmont years ago and now, finally, have the time to do some of
what they taught. Have been woodturning for several years and will
also be combining glass, enamel and stone cabachons into my turned
work. Did lots of black and white photography decades ago and hope
to start doing some again.

Sue Beth Lacy
SueLacy Designs
Dublin, OH. USA

I am a jewelry designer and metalsmith living in Dublin, OH, where
I’ve been creating jewelry for about 10 years. My earlier work
consisted of stringing and wire wrap, where many of us begin. Over
the last few years I’ve also incorporated metalsmith techniques, and
that is now my passion and focus. I most enjoy creating
one-of-a-kind pieces, which are often organic and nature inspired. I
also like to work with mixed media and up-cycled materials to create
some fun and trendy pieces. My work can be seen at I’m excited to be here on the
Ganoskin forums, with so many great people and so much to learn!

Anne L Larsen
Deerlight Studio
Berkeley Springs, WV. USA

I was very active on Orchid when it first started, but in 2005 I had
to take a lengthy sabbatical from teaching and studio work. I have
relocated from Massachusetts to West Virginia, and am happily
returning to my studio, teaching, and writing articles. I adore my
hydraulic presses [Kaa, the 20-ton, and Behemoth, the 50-ton] and
use them for so many processes I’ve lost count. Enameling, etching,
and engraving are increasingly part of my arsenal as well. I am
presently setting up my LLC and developing my web site and marketing
tools, but I balance the office work with time at the bench doing
what I love to do, the work that is the heart of my chosen

Sarah Heermann
Cary, NC. USA

I am a metal clay artist who has been working with metal clay since
2001. I have a long way to go as a metalsmith, however, so I am
always looking to learn more in that area.

George B Holmes
Rockland, ME. USA

I have been involved in the jewelry business since 1969, originally
involved in sales and selection of mostly commercial jewelry. I came
into the business quite by chance and had no training or
understanding about jewelry.

As time passed my interest in gemstones increased and my
understanding ofthe retail side of the trade flourished.

After about 8 years I decided to try my hand at some minor
repairs…ring sizings, shanks, prongs, etc and I attended a 7 day
series of classes for repair technicians that was sponsored by S.
Fargotstein a wholesaler of the company I was working for. I also
completed some GIA courses on grading an d the basic diamond cource.

A few years ago I divorced and many things changed in my life which
gave me an opportunity to have time to start expressing myself
through my jewelry creations.

I have had some advice from friends who are well known artists in
the jewelry scene throughout the US, and they have been patient and
generous to me as I plodded along.

Far from being a formal jewelry school graduate…I still love to
experiment and push my limits a bit to make some fun and unusual
things for my customers and as retail stock.

I consider myself grateful that I can work in an inviroment that has
so many emotional rewards - I thank God everyday for the gift I have
been given.

Nancy Perrine
Artisan Custom
Tuscaloosa, USA

I am a jewelry designer focusing on assemblage using vintage and
antique collectibles. I scour estate, antique, and flea markets up
down the east coast and Florida. I am also an experienced
independent bricks and mortar retailer selling art and designer
boutique jewelry.