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[Welcome] New Members for January 11, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Margaret Frison
Portland, OR. USA

Hi Orchidians!

As a past member of Orchid I have learned tons from members
generosity. I look forward to the daily emails!

My work right now is fabrication with Argentium, Copper, Gold and
Bronze. I love to weave metal and work it into my designs.

Happy New Year Ya’ll!!

Linda Anne Zepik
Lumby, B.C. Canada

I have been doing bead work since the early 1970’s. In the last five
years, I have moved to silver smithing and wire wrapping as my
primary jewellery focus.

Lyn S Noland
New York, NY. USA

Hi, I make small sculptures out of found objects. I’m working on
riveting and cold connections. Lyn

Javier gonzalez
Ajalvir, Spain

cad jewel designer

Carrie McNair
Cape Coral, Florida. USA

I have been making jewelry (wire-wrapped, beaded, etc.) for nearly
three years. Up until now I have taught myself how to do everything
simply from experimentation–trial and error, and while the results
haven’t been all that bad, I feel that I’ve reached a point that I
need some extra guidance. Resources are few and far between where I
live, however, I am starting to discover some absolutely amazing
videos, tutorials and articles online (ganoskin is definitely on the
top of my list!). I want to improve on the jewelry-making techniques
that I already have, but I’m also very excited to learn other skills
(which are probably pitifully basic to most…) such as proper
oxidization technique, working with resin, and learning how to
solder (both with an iron and torch).

I’m originally from rainy, beautiful, green Oregon but am now
residing in SW Florida with my wonderful husband and stellar 9 year
old step-son. We share our home with Lucky, a Shepard/Dane mix;
Brodi, a Pug/Boxer mix; Maynard the Calico, Gaz the Tuxedo, Lenore
the One Eyed Tabby, and Chuck Norris, who is just orange.

I have been in Florida for almost six years–wow! Time flies so
quickly!–and still have absolutely no use for palm trees. :slight_smile:

Bruce Christopher Manley
Manleys jewelers
Pollock pines, CA. USA

i am a semiretired goldsmith with over 30 years sitting at the
bench. i had my own retail fine jewelery store for 10 years but shut
it down 3 years ago just before the economy got squirly. i mostly
specialized in repair of antique jewelery and did my own line of my
custom work. cant say i miss the retail hassle and am looking
forward to more specialized custom pieces in the future.

Tatjana Stojanovic
Bgstyle Jewelry
Zurich, Switzerland

My name is Tatjana Stojanovic and I design and make Jewelry in
limited numbers. I work with Silver, Semi Precious Stones, Glass
Beads, Freshwater Pearls, Textile, Feathers, Leather, Wood and
different type of Wire. I enjoy every minute I spend creating these
unique form of art. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind and is different
from the next because they are all handmade. Jewelry is art that
people wear, enjoy them and becomes part of them.