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[Welcome] New Members for January 10, 2011

Orchid Circulation: 10,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Ben W Neubauer
Portland, OR. USA

I am a studio jeweler living in Portland, OR. I produce one-off and
limited production work and sell through galleries and craft shows.
I also teach workshops nationally and teach classes at Oregon
College of Art and Craft (OCAC). I graduated from OCAC in 2000, and
prior to that obtained my BA from Oberlin College.

Edy Horwood
Oakland, CA. USA

Beginner, interested in fabrication. Former painter, loving working
in 3D!

Carol L Rabon
Windsor Gallery Jewelers
Salisbury, NC. USA

Windsor Gallery, incorporated in 1984, features miniature charms of
local sites, custom design by daughter, Kirsten, and local and North
Carolina jewelry artists. I’m the mom who does a little bit of lots
of things; the leftovers, like watch batteries, taking in repairs
and fixing things that are only worth the fixing to the customer. We
also manufacture the Speed Brite ionic cleaners and appreciate the
forum for that product. Carol

Dennis Kaye
Cary, NC. USA

I have been repairing clocks for 35 years. Specialties are Atmos,
ATO, and other torsion clocks. Also electric clocks. My interest
here is for the porcelain dial repairs that I offer.

Chris Scolari
Hong Kong

I am a designer, Jeweller living in Hong Kong. I have pleasure to
create by hand. Making Jewellery is a way to shape a concept into
something real, tangible. I love the idea that jewellery can bring
positive emotions to the wearer or the viewer. Shaping precious
metals holds something magical that fascinates me.

April Ottey
Richland, WA. USA

I teach jewelry and metalsmithing at New Horizons High School in
Pasco, WA. I also make jewelry at home in my studio.