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[Welcome] New Members for January 1, 2016

Please welcome our newest members…

Patty Zachman
Webster, NY. USA

In the early 1970’s I took several metalsmithing and enameling
classes but didn’t have the time or money to continue. Since
retiring I’m taking classes again and have invested in tools,
supplies and a kiln. I love designing both jewelry and art pieces
and experimenting with enamels and enameling techniques, especially
cloisonne. I have a lot to learn.

Alex Stern
Montreal, Quebec. Canada

Hello, I’m new to jewelry making and I signed up here on this
website to learn more about it and make some friends.

Tom Lochnicht
Edgewater, FLORIDA. USA

i am first and foremost the husband of trish.

we collaborate in the production of wearable art.

i do lots of hot glass work creating beads, pendants and other
artwork. i also set glass, gems and crystals in silver.

my wife uses my glass creations in her own jewelry designs, she is
the designer and jeweler of our team. all of our finished pieces are
the result of us collaborating on each piece.