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[Welcome] New Members for January 1, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 11,500 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Bobbi Jean Rasmussen
Dragonfly Jewelry
St Charles, MN. USA

My name is Bobbi. I’m from Minnesota, USA. I work full time in a
clinical laboratory and have two young children. I am brand new to
the art of jewelry making. My main interests lie in making necklaces
and bracelets with various sizes of glass beads and wire. I have a
lot to learn about jewelry styles, wire bending techniques, etc. I’m
looking forward to sharing my creations someday soon!

Celeste Lynne Day
Now that’s different
Conroe, TX. USA

I have only just begun making Jewelry and I love it! I’ll be needing
some direction so please. Help

Timothy L Smith
Baton Rouge, LA. USA

I bought my first gems from a old one-eyed Chinesse man in Kulua
Lumpor in 1985. Since then I have pick a stone here and there. Now I
am wanting to learn more about gemstones and related info.

Terry Paul
Pacific Teleprompter
Honolulu, HI. USA

Aloha! I am a new but enthusiastic silver artist. Just working with
wire right now… forging, fusing and soldering. Just took a
begining silversmith class. Living in Honolulu over thirty five
years. Also interested in photography. Love the learning process,
the creation and actual physical making of a piece more than the
finished piece. I like the “doing”. Thank you for all that you all
have shared with me already. Looking forward to exploring this site
and making some new friends.