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[Welcome] New Members for February 7, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Kevin McAllister
Vancouver, BC.

Currently a jewellery student

Margaret Gordon
Green valley, Arizona. USA

Bead weaving artist

Presley Pizzo Pizzo
Northampton, Massachusetts. USA

Hi everyone,
I’m a hobbyist and I’m excited to learn from the wealth of knowledge
you have here. I’m interested in silver and copper jewelry and just
starting to use Argentium.

Teresa Speer
Kegworth, UK

I have been running In the Studio Jewellery School for almost 15
years. We have lots of wonderful lecturers come to teach for us and
I also teach myself. I have an Hons. degree in Jewellery making and
also a teaching certificate. Hooked on jewellery making.