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[Welcome] New Members for February 7, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Denise Taylor
Inner Pieces
Conway, NH. USA

I took my first metal smithing class about 8 years ago and loved
being able to take such a rigid material and transform it into
flowing shapes with texture and color. Haystack has been a huge
influence in my training as has been The Maine College of Art. I
find that there are many local artists who offer studio training in
my area that I have highly benefitted from. Copper and silver are
the metals I enjoy using the most because of the oxidation process
and affordability. I am mostly self taught and when not taking
classes, I’m problem solving on my own. My craft is my creative
outlet and I rarely sell my work, but have many friends and family
members who appreciate wearing it. I draw inspiration from nature
and love detail and texture. I am constantly learning and evolving.

Angela Diane Matta
Mystic, USA

I have been a jeweler for about 5 years. I also have experience with
costume jewelry.