[Welcome] New Members for February 6, 2016

Please welcome our newest members…

Jennifer Murphy
Superior, USA

I am currently working on my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree, and have
started a metalwork class. My main interest in the arts is currently
sculpture with ceramics, but I find metalworking very interesting
and would like to learn as much as I can.

Lindsey Renee Tamburro
Pitcairn, Pennsylvania. USA

Just getting into the jewelry making business would like to learn
everything and anything I can.

Jen Mulcahy
Portland, ME. USA

I am fairly new to metalsmithing.

Christine Tait
Paisley, Renfrewshire. UK

I am an aspiring metalsmith, who loves silver jewellery. I have a
small shop on etsy dAg Designs Jewellery, and hopefully I am trying
to build up a business from there

Ella Knight
Hobart, TAS. Australia

Hi! I have been a maker of things all my life. All sorts of things
from all sorts of materials. Currently I am focusing on making
jewellery from recycled materials and found objects. I love colour
and texture and derive great happiness from transforming unexpected
material (such as basketballs or prosthetic teeth) into fabulous and
beautiful wearable items. My most treasured moments are the sparks
of wondrous joy at the moment of recognition; “OH my god, it’s
rubber grapes!!”

Alastair Callum
Edinburgh, UK

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and I’m self employed. My business
started with kilt making, but through an interest in making kilt
pins, has realigned to mainly producing silver and bronze kilt pins
and making handmade silver jewellery. I’m still a relative novice,
having attended a beginners course in silver work and being mostly
self taught through online written and video tutorials.

John Mejia
Saint Petersburg, Florida. USA

Hi, John here, I am an enthusiastic and energetic individual with a
background in street dance, and a passion for the arts. I started
making jewelry in 2012 and it is a hobby that is developing into a
business for me. I am always trying to learn new skills to see what
appeals to me and what I can i mplement into my work. I primarily do
chainmaille, wire wrapping, and simple polymer clay pieces. I am
currently learning lapidary techniques and recently acquired a
butane torch and am learning how to solder and use the flame for
other things.

Eloise Timmers
Berlicum, Netherlands

Amateur Goldsmith, currently following a course.

Aida De la Herran
St. Saviour, Jersey. UK

Hello!, my name is Aida and I live in the beautiful island of
Jersey. I studied Fine Arts at Uni, and 1 jewellery course really
stuck with me. I have enjoyed making jewellery for family and
friends for years and as there are not enough birthdays in the year,
I now have opened up my workshop and a im to sell to the public. very
scary thought. For now I only work on silver and semi precious
stones but I am looking forward to learn more techniques and expand
my use of materials. Thank you for your contributions to the forum!
Kindest regards, Aida