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[Welcome] New Members for February 6, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Bruce McKay
McKay Designs
Portland, Oregon. USA

I have been working at the bench for 40 years and continue to be
excited to start work every day, designing projects in Platinum,
Palladium, Gold, Silver, or whatever else is laying around. I am a
Graduate Gemologist and have a gem supply company as part of my
business. I am a past president of our local Metalsmith’s Guild and
enjoy the socializing with other metal workers of all skill levels. I
teach a few classes each year in different techniques as I enjoy
spreading knowledge of our craft.

Debra Ann Parr-Smith
Victoria, Texas. USA

Well, I explained a little in a question I posed. I have been making
jewelry ever since I could put thread through a needle and string
anything with a hole in it. My family noticed right away I had
something, because it wasn’t the usual macaroni (lol) jewelry that
all the 6 year olds come home with, I would break popsicle sticks and
scrath designs on them and tear buttons off clothes, string flowers,
anything that could stand to be strung and some that couldn’t. I took
apart old watches and clocks and anything machanical, found lots of
stuff, BUT daddy wouldn’t let a child near the welding torch SIGH…I
have had noone to teach me, i inherited lapidary equipment and molds
and casting stuff, but have no clue where to start.I live in a small
town and came from a smaller one and no one wants to give away
"secrets" or introduce competetion for the small amount of income
sources here. So I struggle with designs in and and out of myhead
with no outlet. I had a motorcycle accident 4 months ago and
reconstrutive tendon surgery on my right hand( I am right handed) so
jewelry making isn’t only my passion, its my therapy as well. Working
with glass isnt going well, since I dont have much strength to cut
it. But I have learned Celtic Knots, polymer clay tends to give me
fits just learning the medium, gemstones are my passion, have loads
but can’t identify alot of them, yet. would LOVE to work under
someone but no one is close enough. Have done lampwork, can’t work
with flame right now,hand isnt far enough along. wirewrapping is what
i am trying right now, but cant find enough to make it worthwhile
economically. And any of the beaders around here want to sell you
there stash at a mark up, so it isn’t feasable to make and sell. have
also dabbled in body jewelry, carving bone stone, all different types
of medium…I feel like a kid in a candy shop, its all so
wonderful…I admire those who have made a name for themselves and
hope one day to be known as well.