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[Welcome] New Members for February 4 , 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Kristina Todd
Las Cruces, NM. USA

I am a Jewelry/Metalsmithing grad student. I’ll be done very soon. I
really enjoy the challenge of this media and love how open to
materials this medium can encompass. I would love to learn more
techniques and am willing to share what I know as well.

Sue Woods
Crivitz, WI. USA

Perpetual student.

Judith DeMaestri
Taylors, SC. USA

Hello, I have been a decorative artist for over fifteen yrs,but have
also a great love for design of jewelry.I have an endless supply of
ideas but need someone who can do the metalwork for my specific
situations.I am just starting out and would appreciate any advice
and guidence from anyone willing to share. There is so much great
talent here and am very excited to have found you.Thank you very
much, Judith

Sonya S. Bonner
Lawrence, KS. USA

I have been a jewelry designer for about 7 years–professionally off
and on, depending on the demands in rest of my life. At this point,
the emphasis for me is learning and doing as opposed to
selling–design for its own sake.

Adriana G. West
Beamsville, Ontario. Canada

It all started with a love of Louis Comfort Tiffany’s iridescent
glass and a couple of stained glass courses. There were hundreds of
sheets of iridescent glass available to work with and I thought I
was in Heaven.

From there it blossomed into beads, smaller pieces of glass, but
still iridescent, and completely wearable. I found my mother’s stash
of beads that she used for her cross-stitch angels shortly after she
passed away. At the time, I was desperately in need of something to
do, and finding the beads was Heaven Sent. I could combine my love of
iridescent glass, with the wearability of custom designed jewelry
pieces. What an idea!!

A chance encounter with Ammolite, while on a trip to
Calgary/Banff/Lake Louise changed everything. Iridescent stones soon
became a focus, but how to set them? This question took me down the
road to discover a passion for fine jewelry and even more, courses
on how to create it.

In the fall of 2007 I started the Silver-smithing program at Mohawk
College, and in April of 2008, I attended a 3 day weekend PMC
certification course taught by the master himself, Tim McCreight,
where I received my certificate to teach PMC.

This summer I will be attending the Metal Clay World Conference,
where I will be taking a jewelry design course with Alan Revere of
the Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts.

I design custom pieces of jewelry, no two pieces are ever the same,
as each focal bead, strand of stones or pendant speak differently to
a design.

I love what I do. Isn’t it amazing where a love of glass can lead??

Linda Vogel
Linda Vogel ltd
New York, New York. USA

I was trained as a metalsmith, but have been working in the jewelry
industry in new york since 1977. i work with the industry as well as
doing special orders for private customers.

Kenneth Lee Sumers
University Place, WA. USA

Not too much to say here, I fell in love with Gold-Mining and
Rock-Hounding. Now I need to do something with my Collection, so
Jewelry-Making is the next step:). I have a deep, abiding Love of
Opal so any advice on how to work/set/acumulate more of this stone
is appreciated.