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[Welcome] New Members for February 28, 2012

Orchid Circulation: 13,000 members!

Please welcome our newest members…

Felipe J Hernandez
Austin, Tx. USA

I’ve always had a passion for art and design and have given myself
the opportunty to learn and study whenever I had the means and
opportunty. My educaton as a jeweler began at Revere Academy. Here I
learned many basics. At Revere I was introduced to two techniques I
have a great passon for, 3D Modeling and Granulaton and was
introduced to 3Design by Vasken Tanielan and to Granulation by Ronda
Coryell. I also studied with Kent Riables, 18k Granulaton and
Michael Good, Anticlastic Metalsmithing at Revere.

I now live in Austin and wear many hats as Operations Manager at
Jewelry Studies International, with Ronda and Vasken. It’s an
exciting challenge and rich opportunity for a relatively new Jeweler
as myself. Since here I’ve had the fortune of continuing my jewelry
studies in 3Design and fabrication in Argentium Silver. I’ve also had
the honor of studying Wax Carving with Kate Wolf and Traditional
Hand Engraving with Hratch Nargizian during the Meeting of the
Masters series Jan 2012 at JSI.

No stranger to computers and graphics, along with our webmaster and
photographer, I have played a large part in creating the public face
of JSI as editor, copywriter and designer of

I look forward to continuing my exploration of the Jewelers Art and
sharing my jewelry work with the world. To that end, watch this


John Siamon Fox
Kitsune Design
Glenorchy, Tasmania. Australia

Mostly self taught Craftsman working in Silver, Gold, Wood and Bone.

Brooke Scarborough
Brooke Scarborough Jewelry Designs
San Diego, CA. USA

I have been making jewelry for several years and am really enjoying
it. Recently I have started to learn lapidary as well. I feel like
there is always more to learn, new skills, new tools, new materials,
it seems endless and exciting.