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[Welcome] New Members for February 28, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Sarah Lou Hudnall
Bonners Ferry, Idaho. USA

For 18 years I been working in Fossil Ivory, Ivory & Bones-Gold &
silver in order to create a unique piece of Jewelry. The scrimshaw is
very detailed and is set to wear. Oil painting on Buffalo Shoulder
Blades is such a nice area for home, or office dcore. The Jewelry
pieces are ordered faster than I can make them-all by word of
mouth-that is the reason for not haveing a web page as of yet. Being
a member of Ganoskin for so many years helpes with the whole area of
jewelry work. Really would not know what to do with out Ganoksin.

Thanks to everyone.

Tim Kevin Lynam
Lansing, MI. USA

I’ve accumulated over 3,000ct of faceted gemstones and intend to
begin working with PMC to create jewelry. I am retiring in a few
months to begin this fun “hobby.”

Thanks for the great resource! I will be utilizing it to
the MAX.


Tmii Tabu Rao
The Jewel Manufacturer
Islamabad, Pakistan

my company will be the best company in the world, we have best
manufacturing abilities

Dana Grund
Grund designer goldsmith
Halifax, NS. Canada

Hello fellow 'smiths! I’ve been at the bench about ten years and
have just moved my custom jewellery studio into Halifax, Nova
Scotia. Cheers to all, Dana Grund

Edwin LeRoy Menk
E.L. Menk Jeweler
Brainerd, MN. USA

I am a store owner. I am a self taught jeweleer and was a formally
taught wathchmaker. I am the President of Minnesota and North Dakota
jewelers for 2008 and 2009. I am a RJO Member and am a CG AMerican
Gem Society.

I would like to say welcome to Orchid, to Tmii Tabu Rao, The Jewel
Manufacturer, Islamabad, Pakistan. Their sign in statement is
audacious, and I for one, wish them good luck in becoming the best!