[Welcome] New Members for February 24, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Brian Adam
Auckland, New Zealand

My particular brand of jewellery-making ranges between the wanton
looseness of molten silver and the extreme precision of eyeglass
frames. I’m curious about what things are made of, how they were
made and how they function. I try to be low-tech (simple tools) and
I aim to be soft-tech (local, susta inable materials).

Overall, I try to make pleasing shapes into wearable and functional
jewellery that is comfortable and durable for the customer.

Bush Jewellery my teaching ‘wing’ and is a small studio offering
practical jewellery tuition. Boys, girls, kids+grannies, 1hr rings,
wedding rings for couples, adult classes with a low-tech focus.
Specialist area is building eyeglass frames.

Sue A Cartwright
McKinleyville, CA. USA

Hi! I live in Humboldt County on the north coast of California. It
is a beautiful, relatively isolated area that is home to many
artists. I make cabochons and create jewelry with these pieces. I’ve
recently begun working in copper and enjoy stamping copper and
silver with navajo stamps. I am most interested in learning the
proper techniques for torch-firing these stamped pieces and hope to
benefit from the expertise of others in the forum. Thank you for
providing this opportunity to learn and share with the community.

Sue Jones
South Portland, ME. USA

Hello, I am a newby and want to learn, learn, learn!