[Welcome] New Members for February 22, 2012

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Please welcome our newest members…

Jan M Chase
Hockley, TX. USA

I am a structural design drafter by day, and a beginner to maybe
intermediate jeweler/ silversmith at night. I have much to learn,
but truly love working with metals. There are many techniques that I
wish to learn about, and what tools I will need to learn them well.

I love to make rings and bracelets, but would like to try my hand at
chasing and repousse in the near future. (I want to learn about
casings, too)

It seems that the more I learn, the more I discover that there are
so very many more things to learn, and so many varied things you can
do. Sometimes I feel like a kid in a candy store.

I truly love making jewelry, and eventually want to earn a living
doing what I love.

Jason Nguyen
Hho chi minh, Viet Nam

i am a newbie of jewelery so this time i think i learn from many
profession of jewelery is the important thing

Nyoman Alit Ariana
Ariana Silverworks
Celuk, Bali. Indonesia


I am a metal-smith living in Celuk, Bali, Indonesia - which is the
famous location of Bali’s silver and gold artists.

I learned silver-smithing at the young age of 10 from my father. who
learned it from the many metal smiths living in our village. Since a
child I have loved learning all aspects of working with gold and
silver and creating beautiful works of art. It is moving meditation
in action.

I design, consult and teach junior silversmiths and jewelry
designers. I desire to keep alive our old techniques and blend them
into new designs. My company produces designs and jewelry for
individuals and designers.

It is my dream to travel to different parts of the world to teach
and learn new styles and techniques from others.

Suzanne Young
San Francisco, CA. USA

I’ve been making jewelry for about five years. Recently I began
studying with a jewelry artist and then began taking classes at
Revere Academy. I’m interested in improving my skills and in
creating beauty. It’s all about the stones!

Mariana Diaz
Waxhaw, NC. USA


I’m a graphic designer and a jeweler. I combine both to create my
pieces. I’ve lived in different countries and traveled a lot which
gives me a broad vision of different cultures and expressions of
art. I enjoy spending time with my husband and kids, and also enjoy
working! How lucky! I hope I can use this resourse to learn a lot and
to share the things I’ve learned. Cheers, Mariana