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[Welcome] New Members for February 22, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Charles R Carver
Boulder, CO. USA

I recently left a formal accademic jewelry degree program to pursue
jewelry in my own studio. I am currently working hard finishing a
beautiful studio and developing a unique line of wearable jewelry. I
look forward to meeting established artists and learning the ins and
outs of producing work through the forum.

Yuri Markov
Kramatorsk, Ukraine

I am a beginner. I just started my business in this area.

Jason D Hooker
J&C Sales, LLC
Maricopa, AZ. USA

My wife and I work as wholesale reps. I am a bench beginner but
enjoy the work.

Holly M. Smith
Greyhorse Enterprises
Roanoke, VA. USA

Beginning+ artisan jewelry

Shannon Thomas
Snchorage, AK. USA

I’m a mom of 4 who is just getting interested in jewelry-making -
when I have the time.