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[Welcome] New Members for February 21, 2015

Please welcome our newest members…

Rosaleen Carter
Salisbury, UK

I run an on-line business. I am a mum to two children. I live in

Ann M Folk
Philadelphia, PA. USA

I am returning to metals after a 20+ year break. I have a BFA from
Tyler School of Art in metals, and a few years as a serious hobbyist
before that. When I graduated I couldn’t face the prospect of doing
the craft show thing, and lacked the commitment of an artist. I have
missed it over the years and am exhilarated and intimidated at the
prospect of making jewelry again. I have missed it and am happy to
be back at it. I am happiest when I’m making things, and I now have
the time and resources available to explore the craft.

Kevin weet
Christchurch, New Zealand

Born in the UK, now I live in New Zealand. Hobbies include shooting,
metal craft, knife making, playing my Sax and doing what my wife
tells mee? sometimes!