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[Welcome] New Members for February 2, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Lukas Miliauskas
Alytus, Lithuania

Jewelry, searching fore work or study end learn university…

Craig Dabler
Craig Dabler Jewelers, Inc.
Tucson, Arizona. USA

My name is Craig Dabler and I have been a Bench Jeweler for 25 years
and have owned and operated a custom jewelry business in Tucson
Arizona since 1993. For the first 10 years my business was also a
full Trade shop with five Jewelers working for me. I currently work
strictly by myself doing only custom work in Platinum and Gold. I do
all aspects of diamond and gemstone setting,and have set diamonds
worth as much as $1,000,000. I hand engrave, carve waxes, fabricate
and can do most everything needed in my own shop. I’m 46 and will
most likely be sitting at the bench for another 25 years or more.

Carson Reed
Nashville, TN. USA

Hi, my name is Carson Reed. I am a very new silversmith and dabbler
in lampwork.

Roya Marefat
Washington, DC. USA

I am a student at the Art League in Alexandria VA and have been
taking jewelry classes about five years on and off. My interest is
gold and silver work and design.

Prem Dinu Patil
Star ruby
Mumbai, India

I am Specialist in Gemstones, Rings, star ruby & star sapphire

Susan L Minnock
San Diego, Ca. USA

I am a retired teacher and have enjoyed silversmithing for the last
20 years. I love learning every aspect of this hobby. It is also fun
going on field trips to gather some of your own material to cab. I
hope I will be able to continue this hobby for the next 20 years!!