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[Welcome] New Members for February 16, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Maurice H Milleur
Portland, OR. USA

I started my company about twenty years ago in 1985, first as a
garage operation which at the time was more of a hobby than than a
commercial operation. Some local stores showed interest in retailing
my pewter work. From there it took off by going to trade shows and
increased production with more machinery and employees. Hurricane
Katrina set us back to start over and now much reduced staff.

I create my own designs from lost wax casting to making my own model
and production molds and continue to produce everything in our shop.
My work is theme based in polished pewter for jewelry and tabletop
accented pieces.

I am self taught in jewelry, wax sculpting, lost wax w/bronze, mold
making, and casting and finishing.

Isabel P. Kimball
Sun City West, AZ. USA

My interests are in: Lapidary, Silversmithing, Copper Enameling,
Wire-Wrapping & Beading. I have taken beginner classes in these
(except beading) & am always trying to learn more about the
techniques involved with each. This forum will be especially helpful
to learn, to share, & to ask questions.

Brooke Lewis
Gypsy Inc.
Santa Fe, New Mexico. USA

My wife and I are jewelery designers for our own line, which we sell
at craft shows and sell wholesale. Our interests lie in always
learning more about metal clays. Specifically better firing times for
Bronze clay and on different methods of patina on