[Welcome] New Members for February 15, 2010

Please welcome our newest members!

Daniil Rolshud
Baltimore, MD. USA

I’m learning jewelry making as a hobby. I have worked with non
precious metals on a small scale before making miniature arms and
armor. I’m looking forward to learning techniques used in jewelry

Beth Cyr
Athens, GA. USA

I am a full time jewelry artist - predominantly creating nature
inspired wedding rings.

Laura Bowman
Shoreview, MN. USA

I am originally from Minnesota.I have a Bachelors of Fine Art in
Multimedia Design and a Minor in Digital Photography from the
University of Wisconsin Stout.I am currently learning the jewelery
business at Revere Jewelry Academy in San Francisco.I am finished at
Revere, the end of March, and then I have a apprenticeship in
Bayfeild, WI.