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[Welcome] New Members for February 14, 2010


Please welcome our newest members!

Alan Sutton
Glendale, AZ. USA

I am a hobby gem cutter who also likes to make unique rock spheres.
Been doing lapidary and gem cutting since the mid 80’s and have
fairly extensive collection of spheres and collector

Phil Lamont
Phoenix, AZ. USA

I’m in retail jewelry sales. We don’t have a bench, so when we need
one, we outsource to others. Therefore we sell 99% finished pieces.
From time to time, we get “stumped” and so I hope I can learn from
the group and share what I can.

Richard Lo Piccolo
Pass Christian, MS. USA

hello all and happy valentine’s day!

working at expanding my creativity with silversmithing and ceramics.
i’ve just finished ‘building’ an open air pottery studio and only
waiting for warmer temperatures to get busy.

i’m looking for some instructionals on using a water torch. i’ve
been a hoke user for about 20 years. so, i fired up a new hydroflux
last night. melted one tip already and couldn’t do much more than
burn the ends of some high karat gold wire. tried medium soldering a
couple sterling joints, but wasn’t successful. any tips would be
greatly appreciated. i’m wondering if the pink stuff [flux] i’m
using should be replaced with borax alcohol slurry…

thanks for your time, have spent hours at ganoksin and hope to
contribute is some small way to this learning forum. be safe, ya’l!