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[Welcome] New Members for February 14, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Clare Leonard
Clearwater, Florida. USA

just here to learn.

Judy Aussenhofer
AussenWolf Designs
Idyllwild, CA. USA

I’m looking forward to being a member of this group.

Linda Morise
Tempe, USA

I am a metalworker…but am interested in learning Metal Clay

David Kodner
David Kodner Personal Jewelers
Clayton, MO. USA

I am a retailer/designer/collector/wholesaler (although I sell to
the public, so would never call myself that). I do sell a lot of
natural colored diamonds to the trade, so that is where the
description fits in. I deal in only very fine jewelry and have a
very hands on approach with our clients. I think I offer a level of
service second to none. I have a boutique style showroom (that is
eco-friendly as well), and 5% of our gross profits of the company go
to charity. I am always looking to learn more, and happy to share
what little knowledge I have with anyone in need.

Dinah Bourdon
Charlotte, North Carolina. USA

I am a metal clay artist and jeweler. I work full time at my "real"
job and hope one day to sell my work and have a website

Jaynemarie C Crawford
Los Gatos, CA. USA

I am just starting out an trying to make the transition from beading
and some mounting to actual jewelry making. I have Chronic Fatigue,
so it makes this a bit more challenging. I trained as an Electrical
Engineer and worked as an engineer then up the management ladder
until my eldest was diagnosed with severe learning difficulties and
if I didn’t quit and work with her; she would end up quite
differently than she is today. Today, they now know that girls can
have ADD and Aspergers (both were thought of as exclusively male),
but that was quite a digression.

I took a couple of courses at Revere; who kicked me out when they
were told I had chronic fatigue (I needed some rest in the
afternoons!). But, their classes just whetted my appetite for
learning more; and to do that I need to set up a work space in my
garage; as well as being able to ask question s of others as needed.

My first need is, however, and it was confirmed by articles I read
on your site, is someone who knows how to set up a welding (or
soldering) setup. I know too much to attempt to go and get the tanks
and gases and then hook them up (I have all the regulators) by
myself. So, my first request is for someone in the area that can
help me get hooked up so that I can start learning to solder. I also
bought a new, close-out PUK-111 welder that needs Argon (which they
(I won’t name the company) didn’t tell me needed a gas hook-up too
and I have a regulator for that also.

I have 2 daughters; the eldest at a local Community college and the
youngest a senior in high school. I guess at this point, I don’t
really have a lot more to say about myself, except my husband and I
own an small electronics company that makes instruments for
measuring water quality. Hopefully, we will survive this year – it
has not started well.

Deborah Donaghue
Mineral Point, Wi. USA

Greetings to whoever may read this. In my real life my husband and I
own and operate a small brewpub and bed and breakfast inn in Mineral
Point, Wisconsin.

In my mind’s life I think about making jewelry. Many years ago I
took a couple of semesters of jewelry making in Minneapolis at an
area technical school. Then real life took over and my hands went on
to making other things. A few years ago my daughter took a course in
chain maille. I was the one who ended up hooked. From maille I
started to think about actual silversmithing and started taking
courses at the Madison Technical College’s Metal program. I’m still
doing that, I’m am very definitely a beginner, but I’m a studious
beginner. I’m looking forward to hearing what other people do and
learning from you all. Thanks, Deb

Melodie Moshure
Ballwin, MO. USA

I enjoy metalsmithing and enameling and have taken numerous classes
in the varied techniques. I have a studio and love to collect useful
and sometimes old tools. I belong to The Society for Midwest
Metalsmiths and the St.Louis PMC Guild, and continue taking classes
when ever I can.

Jackie Ryan
Ilfracombe, UK

Hello, I have just this minute joined and looking forward to meeting
some of you, I am sure there are going to be lots of you I already
know from the other groups etc I belong to. I live in England by the
sea and have been making jewellery with my daughter Lara for several
years. Although I do string necklaces and enjoy using unusual
combinations, my special love is coiling small art story pendants in
silver or gold fill wire and gem stones. I also enjoy working with
polymer clay, I love colour in my work and this gives me the
opportunity to create things I could not afford to make in gold or
silver and besides that it is enormous fun to be able to
create amazing things with my hands. Previously I was a soft
sculpture artist till an accident left me unable to continue. I also
love painting and sketching flowers both wild and from the garden
among other interests! Thank you. Jackie

Sangita Kessler
Tintara Silver Design
Bromma, Sweden

Tintara Silver Design is a small family company situated in Sweden.
I am the designer and silversmith. John (my husband) is the
webdesigner and photographer. My studio is situated in our villa in
Stockholm (Sweden). Each piece of jewellery is handmade and both
design and production takes place in the studio. My aim is to create
elegant, timeless silver jewellery for those who value good swedish
design and appreciate the solid craftsmanship. Sangita Kessler

Tas Kerley
Port Kennedy, Australia

I am Metalsmith and jeweller working in a wide variety of ferrus and
non ferrus metals by themselves or in combination. Multi award
winning knifemaker. Enjoy my Harley and fishing.