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[Welcome] New Members for February 13, 2014


Please welcome our newest members…

Mark Behnke
Central point, USA

Knife maker, retired electrician

Joop Hoevenaar
Geraardsbergen, Belgium

I’m an engraver/goldsmith living in Belgium. I specialize(d) myself
in insignia, bas-relief miniatures, signets and stamps. Most of my
work is symbolic and often historically inspired.

Krystle M
Melbourne, Victoria. Australia

I am a jewelry designer and gemologist living in Melbourne,
Australia. I made the move here from Los Angeles, my hometown,
shortly after completing training on campus at the Gemological
Institute of America for the GG and Applied Jewelry Arts programs.
In Melbourne I am still setting up my own studio with supplies and
tools, hope to be done and creating by the end of February. It’s an
exciting time, just starting out!

Dilek Platin
Bursa, Turkey

Contemporary Jeweler

Crystal Maree Graham
Karana Downs, Queensland. Australia

Hi I have been a jeweler for around 16 years, I have mainly worked
for small family businesses, but I am now branching out on my own. I
love the unusual and the different, being able to make a beautiful
piece that will be treasured and enjoyed for a lifetime or more. Is
truly uplifting and the reason why jewellery making has always been
my passion and I am glad to have found my way back too it.

Jim Heese
Bangkok, Thailand

We are a 55 year old manufacturer of fine jewelry. We supply fine
jewelry brands in the EU and US with OEM product.