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[Welcome] New Members for February 13, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Penny L Brannaman
Palmyra, PA. USA

I am a novice jewelery maker. Currently setting up my studio. Did
lampworking in the past; now evolving into silver smithing.

Jessica a Greene-hill
Jessies jewelry
Put-in-bay, Ohio. USA

My passion is jewelry! I have made jewelry since i was 13 years old.
I own, operate, design and set all the jewelry at my seasonal retail
store. The outdoor shop is on Put-in-Bay a small island in lake erie
5 miles north of the ohio mainland. My father lovingly cuts almost
every stone i set and he specializes in complex inlays that are
magical. My mother crochets and knits metal textile components for
our pieces that is soft and fluid. I am recently expanding into
goldsmithing and i have strong moral beliefs about diamonds. I plan
to only set australian, canadian, or U.S. stones. I travel directly
to mines all over the world and hand pick out the rough my father
cuts. I love so many aspects of the jewelry industry especially the
people and look forward to this forum.

Sajid NK
Malabar Gold
Calicut, Kerala. India

Am very intrested to make antique pieces of jewellery in 22 kt
yellow gold and 18kt white gold, and am crazy about gold. if any one
can help with their knpwledge, then am very thankful to them…

Linda Threadgill
Threadgill studios
Santa Fe, NM. USA

I am a Studio metalsmith living in Santa Fe, New Mexico, Professor
Emeritus from the University of Wisconsin. My work includes
functional holloware, sculpture and jewelry.

Nikk Warden
Ramsgate, UK

relatively new to silver jewellery making. After attending evening
classes have invested in a modest bench set up. Made my parents
golden wedding rings, which was a delight. wanting to use more mixed
metals in my designs

Anne Cunningham-Galloway
Gosport, Hampshire. UK

I have had a love affair with jewellery all my life but thought that
it was only trained artists that could produce these wonderful
pieces that I had drooled over in the jeweller’s shop window for so
many years. I took an Art CLay workshop after seeing it at a craft
fair, and realized that I could make small pieces at home without
much equiptment. Books then educated me further and I learned to
solder and pierce and bend using sterling silver. In the last year,
I have so enjoyed creating small silver pieces, and gained such
gratification from the compliments from friends and family. The jour
ney has begun, although the destination is a long way off. It is
very exciting.

Hamilton Niven Macmillan
Randburg, Gauteng. South Africa

I am currently in full-time employment as an IT Manager, I recently
became involved in jewellery training under a Jeweller who has a
fantastic partime course, I am working only in silver at this time. I
am hoping that this will become more than a hobby and will
eventually lead to a new career.

Marilyn Pokorney
Ord, NE. USA

Hi, I like to make jewelry and would like to try selling it for a
little extra income someday. I’ve been a lurking member here for some
time. I’m changing my ISP so needed to resubscribe with a new email
address. Thank you, Marilyn

Sally-Heath Lloyd
Scottsdale, Arizona. USA

Studio metalsmith, small sculpture and jewelry. Fabricated.