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[Welcome] New Members for February 11, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Randy Jacobson
Huntington beach, CA. USA

This is a great forum! My name is Randy Jacobson and I have been
cutting and setting gemstones for quite a few years now.

I have designed jewelry also but am interested in becoming competent
in utilizing CAD CAM software to design. I am a novice at that but
am computer literate.

Specifically I have several designs I have to do for clients coming
up and need to hire someone (preferably in So. Calif) to use CAD CAM
and work with me on designing the pieces and getting the models done
and the pieces cast. I know it takes time to learn the various
software packages so I am int erested in paying someone to utilize
their software and at the same time learn as much as I can about it.

I will be setting the stones and providing ideas for the design.
Please contact me at my email address if you are interested.

Linda Grenon
Marathon Co
Attleboro, MA. USA

I have been purchasing for Marathon Company for many years.I am
hoping to use this site to get other people’s ideas on manufacturing
issues that arise.

Filiz Durmaz
Pine Lake, GA. USA

I am learning silversmithing as a hobby. I have some background in
various arts and crafts.

Mary Frances Browning
Rosendell Arts
Colorado Springs, CO. USA

I started stringing jewelry about 2 years ago at work. I fell in
love with the stones and showed my sister what I had learned. She is
now in jewelry school and I hope to be right behind her. We started
a family business.

Pamela M Clark
Rosendell Arts
Colorado Springs, CO. USA

I am in Jewelry School - and learning lots !! I started stringing 2
years ago and love pearls and small semi-precious beading.