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[Welcome] New Members for February 10, 2009

Please welcome our newest members!

Cathy Shaman Contreras
Rio Rancho, NM. USA

Work regularly with the Jumpringer System, the Hot Spot unit, torch/
kiln, PMC certified. Skilled in glass fusing as well as many other
jewelry applications. Would like to share knowledge as well as learn

Marianne C Bieber
Horomerice, Czech Republic

I am picking up where I left off 10 years ago before having
children. I had a few courses under my belt but find it has all come
back pretty easily. Finding contacts in Prague where I have just
moved to is proving rather difficult, so if anyone out there knows
anyone here, I’d love to get in touc h.

Michael S. Holmes
Oklahoma City, OK. USA

35+ years as a bench jeweler.

Virginia Cadoul
Buda, Texas. USA

I am a student at Austin Community Colege in the jewelry/metal arts

Ilan Zvolony
Kfar Masarik, Israel

Shalom - I am glad to join you here. It seems all my life I have been
in mechanical positions mainly in liquid carton producing and then
for my retirement I looked for something to learn that I’ll be able
to do from home, that will talk to my soul, and yet use my technical
abilities… So I learnt two years at Wizo Institue for the arts
Jewellery. (my cousin here is reminding me that actually there has
never been a year that I have not taken part in one creative medium
or another, mainly in the plastic arts; clay sculpture and glass
work… that may be true…) Jewellery making is a nice job ad I have
many samples of what I have done usually I do not like to sell the
original one and for sure I can make pictures and send to the Orchid
community if you’d like to see What I like very much to get from this
group is new components, tools, special techniques and designs and
then maybe I will also be able to share with you as well my findings
I live in a Kibbutz in Israel all my life I am 68 years old, married,
with two young grand children and two children and for now it is more
than enough :-)) kibbutz life is different than regular city/village
life we work without salary and with a lot of group interaction
Although I am a pensioner, i.e. retired, I still work in our factory
and am sent off to assist and solve technical matters all over the
world, from Europe to China regularly.

Thank you
Lehitraot (see you again)

Adria Harrison
Mon Amour
San Luis Obispo, CA. USA

I work mostly in PMC. I do personalized hand stamped jewelry also
for Mothers with their childrens names and birthdates. I also do
personalized jewelry for brides with their wedding dates. I look
forward to learning from your website!

Lyn Nieri
Edge Jewelry Designs
Summerfield, NC. USA

Hello, My name is Lyn Nieri. I have a small business named Edge
Jewelry Designs. I work primarily with sterling silver. I’ve only
been making jewelry for two years and have learned so much from